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Equip your team with knowledge and tools for success

Teams are the driving force behind business success. Empower yours to harness the power of tech. With a focus on practical skills and hands-on learning, this program helps your team stand out from the competition. Training is tailored to your industry and goals - can include online or in-person workshops, a comprehensive self-paced course and toolkit to unlock the full potential of your workforce.

Smarter Strategies for Teams

Smarter Strategies Workshop
Business Intelligence Expert & App/Ai Engineer

Joyce has 15 years of sales experience, 7 specializing in Growth Marketing for brands such as Kaiser Permanente, UFC Gym, CO-OP Financial Services, Safe Harbor Counseling Institute and thousands of startups helping them scale faster. Joyce has 3 degrees, 4 certifications and studied Technology for Business at Harvard University. She's taught marketing to more than 700k entrepreneurs and delivers a practical training for teams in 1 hour.

Training Program
Ongoing Team Training

The Smarter Strategies Training Program takes a proven process already engineered over years of experience working with teams and strategy optimization, then tailors it to the needs of the organization. First a Brand Health Check helps us see exactly how the brand is performing across all channels and identify the specific areas that could use improvement.

Course & Toolkit
Boost Productivity = Better Results

The Smarter Strategies Course & Toolkit serve as a more self-paced employee skills development, allowing each team member to go through lessons as they get the time or you can choose to set up goals and incentives for completion. The course is also tailored to organization goals. Upon getting access, they unlock a toolkit of tech-powered tools accessible from any device. Once the employee finishes the course, they receive a completion certification badge.